Propose a project

There are two ways that Sidetracks can support your printing project:



  • provide you with guidance through out the printing process
  • help you with the design
  • host your project at our studio and print with you
  • provide the equipment and some supplies


  • provide the materials to be printed on (i.e. t-shirts, paper, fabric)
  • provide 1-3 volunteers to help with the printing process


  • you provide the materials to be printed on (i.e. t-shirts, paper, fabric)
  • you provide the image
  • we take care of the rest

Our pricing scheme for the contract work is based on materials used, overhead cost and valuing our volunteers’ time. As always, our payment policy is pay-what-you-can, and so all of our prices are on a sliding scale. Groups who don’t have that much funding are welcome to pay the lower end, but we ask groups with more funds to pitch a little extra to support the space and other lower-income organizations. Contact us with details and we’ll work out a price depending on what you need.

CLICK HERE FOR THE {Suggested Donation Calculator}


Please note that Sidetracks is a volunteer-run project – we have trained ourselves and each other in silkscreen printing and want to share these skills with you! Our studio is a DIY (do it yourself) studio – not a professional studio and we are not professional screenprinters! If your project is a treasured art piece where there is no room for error, if you are having a screenprinting emergency, or something along these lines, we recommend that you seek professional screenprinting help.

Contact us at:

CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF [Sidetracks Project Proposal Form]

CLICK HERE FOR THE XLSX [Sidetracks Project Proposal Form]

Please send the form to

  • screenprinting workshops for your volunteers or members
  • print posters to promote an event or campaign
  • print t-shifts or patches to sell, to raise money for your organization
  • print bandanas for all your supporters for the next demonstration <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
  • print zine or book covers for your publication
  • printing projects to get you and your friends through the winter
  • organize a fundraiser for us or with us (and have our eternal love)